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Welcome To My Little Business Website!

All merchandise on this website is either been Hand Crafted, Collectable Item or is New Merchandise that is being passed on at a major discount. So check under the section Contact Us for General Information, Our Shipping Address, Order Form and Contact Phone Number.

All merchandise purchased here is either shipped COD, Check or by Money Order. Money has to be sent before merchandise is shipped, unless other arrangements have been made.  Also, pricing of all merchandise doesn't include the Shipping and Handling charges. So email us with your mailing address where we can let you know how much Shipping and Handling charges will be.

Please email us with your comments and get on our email list for specials!

Sign Our Guestbook with all your comments.


Visit My Homepage listed below by just clicking on the link. At that site you can find out more about my husband and myself plus what inspires us each day. Also, at this site is information about our pets (Bassethounds and Rat Terrier), some of our favorite links and new information added just about every single day.




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