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Free Pattern No. 1 The Bear | Free Pattern No. 2 The ALPH 9 count Tall | Free Pattern No. 3 The ALPH 14 count tall | Free Pattern No. 4 The Grapes | Free Pattern No. 5 The Pansy | Free Pattern No. 6 The Nasturtiums | Free Pattern No. 7 The Special Friend Bookmarker | Free Pattern No. 8 The State of Alabama | Stitches To Inches: | Floss Conversion Chart
Free Pattern No. 8 The State of Alabama

This pattern is free so feel free to print it out or copy to your computer.



Floss Used for Full Stitches:
) DMC 223 Shell Pink-Light

Y DMC 413 Pewter Gray-Dark

X DMC 414 Steel Gray-Dark

 DMC 415 Pearl Gray

L DMC 502 Blue Green
C DMC 3041 Antique

a DMC 3347 Yellow Green-Med

T DMC 3363 Pine Green-Med

: DMC White


Porch Floor: DMC 221 Shell
Pink-Very Dark
Block: DMC 336 Navy Blue

"Alabama" Two Strands:
DMC 792 Cornflower Blue-Dark

House: DMC 3371 Black Brown

Floss Used for French Knots:

DMC 221 Shell Pink-Very Dark