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Melinda's Everything
My Resume

Melinda A Woods


To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills and a challenging position that will allow advancement based on demonstration and performance.


Operate and maintain my own business.

Maintained the top 5 in sales at Berry Direct (BellSouth Small Business Department).

Maintained deposits and cash flow for 3 convenience stores.

Maintain all orders and scheduling for production at Diamond Displays International.

Assisted customers in customer service questions at Berry Direct, Diamond Displays International and when I worked for Dunhill Temporary Service.

Computer experience using Excel, Word, Outlook Express, Works, Office, ACT, Quicken and Microsoft Money. All computer experience came from learning on home computer and working with computers at every job listed below.


Diamond Displays and Expo

Employed August 2000 until May 2001
Process all orders for production, schedule all orders to ship for arrive on projected requested date that's suitable for production schedule, coordinated with each department (graphic, designers, customs and portable production) to fill these orders in a constructed matter, fax confirmation of tracking information plus with shipping and handling cost of all orders, collections on pass due invoices, wrote each month a interoffice news column and assist on any return or incoming calls from Distributors.

Melinda's Everything


Owner, sale hand-made crafts at Craft Fairs and Craft Shows like, Scented Gel Candle's, handpainted buckets, hand painted trash baskets, handpainted glassware, wooden serving trays, wooden stepping stools, afghans, cross-stitched bookmarkers, cross-stitched baby bibs, seasonal items, decorated switch covers and clay pots and many more items.

Berry Direct

Sales Representative (1998-1999)

Contacted BellSouth Small Business customers to sale them upgrades to their current phone service, provided them with the information to use these upgrades to make their phone service work for them and their customers in a more constructed way and provided them with customer service help. BellSouth closed this office down and move it to Texas.