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My Favorite Cross Stitching Websites


Free Pattern No. 1 The Bear | Free Pattern No. 2 The ALPH 9 count Tall | Free Pattern No. 3 The ALPH 14 count tall | Free Pattern No. 4 The Grapes | Free Pattern No. 5 The Pansy | Free Pattern No. 6 The Nasturtiums | Free Pattern No. 7 The Special Friend Bookmarker | Free Pattern No. 8 The State of Alabama | Stitches To Inches: | Floss Conversion Chart
Stitches To Inches:

Use this chart to determine the finished size of a design for various fabic counts. Find the stitich count the fabic on the top line. Then find the number of stitiches for the design at the right. The stitched size is the intersection.

Reminder: Remember this chart only gives the finished size of the design. You will need a larger piece of fabic to stitch on.


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